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The Four Agreements

I’m so excited to share with you all my recent experience! I read Don Miguel Ruiz’ book “The Four Agreements” many years ago and took them seriously. I strive to honor them in my life. In fact, whenever I’m involved in something with someone and it doesn’t feel right, I filter the whole situation through [...]

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity When we speak about abundance and prosperity, whether it be for the resources of money, or relationships, careers, or even health; we are really depend on our thoughts. I’ve been looking at the neuroplasticity of the brain. What does that mean? We have neurotransmitters that are like little roads and every time you [...]

“Staying in the State of Grace with Gratitude”

“Gratitude, Anger, Resentment & Hatred Cannot Live in Consciousness at the Same Time” Therefore gratitude is the armor against all negative thoughts and feelings. How do we stay in the state of grace with gratitude? Here are some tips I’ve discovered. Write a gratitude list daily, it could be using the alphabet. Create a gratitude [...]

Being “In Love” With Myself

I was on a conference call this morning and the topic was about loving oneself, and how for many of us we didn’t start out with this thought. As a little girl I was taught that self love was self centered and conceited, and no one likes people that are conceited. I took that in [...]

Don’t Take Insurance – Why I won’t

Don’t Take Insurance – Why I won’t! I am writing this article to explain why I don’t take insurance for my sessions. This is a question I get frequently from prospective clients.There are several reasons. First of all I am NOT a licensed therapist and don’t promote myself as such. I am a licensed minister [...]

What’s Your Mess in Your Message?

What’s Your Mess in Your Message? I awoke with some thoughts I needed not only to write down, but also share. You see, I’ve gone through many traumas in my life, more than most, and I don’t share this for sympathy, as I’ve also managed to work through them all and live very happily. In [...]

Do You Flatline Your Feelings to Avoid the Roller Coaster of Life?

Do You Flatline Your Feelings to Avoid the Roller Coaster of Life? I had a conversation this week that got me thinking about feelings and their purpose in our lives. Just this year there was a wonderful kids’s movie called “Inside Out” that was all about this topic and if you saw it, you most [...]

Changing Our Thoughts

Change your thoughts, and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale Many of us are familiar with the Universal Law of Attraction. It says that we attract what we think about and that our feelings about our thoughts create the energy that draws everything to us. Many of us have worked on changing our thoughts, [...]

Do You Find That You Justify, Argue, Defend & Explain?

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Life Is Exactly What We Make of It, All the Time!

I have to remember this when I feel in what I call a “funk”, that this place I’m in is exactly where I choose to be at this moment. Now, I don’t want to be hard on myself, because that’s never been helpful either, but I do want to look at why I’ve chosen to [...]