Living Totally Present

On my recent Motivating Mondays FB Program I promised to attach the Emotional Guidance Scale that I spoke about. It is from Abraham-Hicks.

Here’s a checklist for what might be holding you back or keeping you stuck:

Inability to trust: Not only do you mistrust others, but you don’t trust your own judgement. This keeps you seconded guessing yourself, causing valuable errors in your business. There are some people that are not trustworthy, and learning who to trust, and to trust yourself is paramount to your personal life and your business.

Perfectionism: Some may think that this is a great quality to have, but not necessarily. It can create in us huge time thieves. In making sure every thing is perfect, we end up re-doing over and over again something that was already acceptable. It also makes it difficult for us to work with others. Not only do we expect perfection from ourselves, but from others as well. Sometimes we need to accept things are “good enough”.If that statement triggers something for you, it might be affecting your business.

Fear of speaking in public: When we lack confidence in ourselves, this becomes a huge problem for us and business owners. Speaking in public should be as effortless as breathing. Struggling with this can have a large effect on our success with our business.

Not finishing things you start: Lack of focus and clarity can be the reasons for this impact on your success. Also when we are unsure of how to prioritize our to do lists, or we aren’t sure about the processes of our business, this occurs, again, affecting our business profits.

Black and white thinking: This thinking does not allow “out of the box” solutions to our business challenges. It blocks our creative flow and prevents us from being open to all the possibilities that show up for us.

Feeling socially awkward: Low self esteem can cause us to feel uncomfortable in networking events. These events are crucial to our making contacts for our business. If we suffer from the “not good enoughs”, our clients will sense this and not find value in what we do. If we don’t have confidence in ourselves, it reads as being inefficient and our services or products devalued.

Fear of success or fear of failure: You would think that most of us are afraid of failure, and sure this can occur when we don’t recognize that failures only lead us to success. Every failure points us in the right direction if we pay attention. However fear of success has a different face. We become afraid of the unknown, and success brings responsibilities that we may fear inadequate at or overwhelmed by. Knowing that we can hire a team to help us at various stages of our business success can reduce this fear.

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing Link:

Knowing about these blocks is the first step in preventing them. To find out more about how to get rid of them permanently schedule a private session today! imgres


Here’s a BONUS!

Can you imagine how it would feel to  live a life with no regrets? Or how about just half of the ones you might have now? How do we live a life being totally present, in joy and let go of negative self talk? When we live totally present in our all of our relationships, we gift ourselves with a life with little or no regrets.

P= Passionate: Living with passion in your purpose. When we do this life is brighter, more playful and even delightful, creating a force that pulls you along, kind of like the flow of a river.

R= Responsible: Being responsible in all areas of your life. Mistakes are like the head of a compass, pointing me where I need to correct my efforts. I keep in mind that other’s have their own GPS’s and I need not be responsible for another adult person.

E= Effort: Give your best effort to focus. I make every effort to Be Present in every situation. When I am with someone else and they are talking, I am not thinking of how I will respond to what they are saying. I listen to them with an open heart with nonjudgement. When I focus completely on the task at hand, I make less errors and life flows more easily.

S= Safe: Make safe choices for yourself and your loved ones. Being present means being aware of your surroundings and making safe choices in relationship to driving as well as social media, home safety, food, health and wellness.

E= Encouraging: Encourage those around us through setting an example; modeling the behavior we want. One of the best ways to be the “cheerleader” for others is by “being” that which we want. It takes advantage of the Law of Attraction, which works with our energy, our feelings, our “being”, not our wishing. It works a lot like gravity, whether we believe it or not.

N= Now: There is only now, stay in the presence of now. Don’t worry about the future and don’t regret the past. When we frequently revisit our past mistakes, we create shame, which attacks our soul. Shame is about who we are, not what we did. Guilt’s purpose is to gently show us our errors so that we can make course correction in our life’s journey. When we look into the future, it’s important to have visions, dream’s and goals. But in order to make them a reality, we have to take action right here, right now.

T= Thankful: Find gratitude in all things and express it openly, as it brings more things to be grateful for. Gratitude can be the armor against negativity, it’s almost impossible to feel grateful and anything negative at the same time.

And to tie this PRESENT up with a Bow is BELIEFS. Our self talk is really our subconscious telling us what we believe. Our subconscious mind is in control 95% of the time through habit. Our conscious mind, which is what we think we think is only in control 5% of the time. Wouldn’t it be great if our subconscious thoughts were in alignment with our goals and dreams? I work with women to switch their self talk that no longer serves them to language and thoughts that propel them to have more successful and richer lives.

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