Personalized Emotional Reset

PersonalizedEmotional ResetPersonalized Emotional Reset

By Rev. Betsy Rosam, M.S.

Betsy will personally assess your needs through a conversation, spend time in research determining what specifically is beneficial to you, and personally record your unique Emotional Reset and download it as an MP3. Betsy has been known to have wonderful meditations, her clients have said that her meditations are soothing, and relaxing and that her voice is calming. 

This personalized meditative download includes the following:

  • 15 minute needs assessment (by phone)
  • 10-15 minutes of guided meditation inclusive of Meridian Tapping, Advanced PSYCH-K©, and Visualizations, designed personally for you
  • MP3 Download that can be utilized anytime by computer, tablet, or smartphone

Valued at $400

On Sale for $200

Sign up for yours today, so that we can schedule your appointment for the assessment. (This process will take a week from the date of the assessment, as it is unique to each individual, recorded specifically for the clients needs.)

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