Abundance and Prosperity

When we speak about abundance and prosperity, whether it be for the resources of money, or relationships, careers, or even health; we really depend on our thoughts. I’ve been looking at the neuroplasticity of the brain. What does that mean? We have neurotransmitters that are like little roads and every time you have an event and the thought that is attached to that event, gets it own road, it’s own neurotransmitter. Each time that thought is thought you strengthen the road (neurotransmitter) and if you have strong feelings about it, it’s even stronger. This is great for learning new things and positive thoughts. But here’s the bad news (I don’t even like using the word “Bad”), the negative things we think and especially feel get stronger. And here’s the clincher, our Reticular Activating System’s job is that of locator; it locates more of what we are thinking about, attracting it into our lives and making that road even stronger. It keeps it all going. This is why we struggle so much, we are literally on “autopilot” with our thoughts. The good news is that our brains, like the rest of our body, works on the premise of “use it or lose it”, so if we stop those thoughts and the feelings around them, the neurotransmitter shuts off, like the road that grows grass and is no longer traveled. The question is how do I do this? How do I change my thoughts and feelings, it seems so difficult. It can be, considering these thoughts are on the subconscious level, and many times, we aren’t even sure what they are. We only know that certainly we don’t like the results and consequences that are showing up in our lives in the way of careers, relationships, money, health, etc. You see our subconscious mind is in charge 95% of the time through habits, and our conscious mind (that which we think we know) is only in charge 5% of the time. The good news is that there are a variety of tools that I use with my clients that change those “limiting beliefs”, those neuropaths that are being utilized regularly without our even knowing it. I help my clients to change their thought process on the subconscious level so that they have abundant, prosperous habits that positively affect their lives, giving them outcomes that they truly want.