I know the importance of our subconscious thoughts in regards to what’s going on in our lives. After all, I work with my clients helping them to change any limiting subconscious beliefs, therefore bettering their lives.

For the past few years I have struggled with my weight, and know that part of the weight gain was due to thyroid tumors, and the removal of my thyroid. I had been a thin person for the first half of my life. Even after having 3 children, I could still wear a bikini and turn heads. So this person I had become was uncomfortable and difficult to accept. During some insight about my situation, I came to understand that I am responsible for about 50% of the weight gain and the rest is due to the thyroid issue. I am taking responsibility for my part. I also know that there is a limiting belief that is keeping me stuck; I just wasn’t sure what that was.

After some prayer, meditation, and reflection, a thought came to me. I shared it with my husband, and in that moment I realized what the limiting belief was that was holding me back from a healthy vibrant lifestyle. I knew what work I had to do.

Later that day, I was putting away some magazines from my Vision Board Workshop, and came across a significant photo and article from the June 2012 Issue of Glamour. It was titled “The Secret Way People Are Judging You”. The photo was of two women, one was of large stature and the other was of a slim one. There were words written on each based on their stereotype labels judged most. On the slim woman was written vain, bitchy, superficial,ambitious, conceited, confident and mean. On the larger woman the words were lazy, giving, insecure, undisciplined, careless, and passive. I found synchronicity in the fact that this was exactly what I had just spoken about, and I had never seen the article before. I don’t necessarily agree that we all stereotype in this way, this article only was pointing me in the direction of what I needed to work on.

I had earlier discussed with my husband my thoughts about how my subconscious might be holding on to the weight because it thought that if I was thin and attractive, I might not be approachable. My clients have to trust me and feel comfortable with me. My subconscious was thinking exactly what this article was sharing, in regards to being approachable for my clients. And yet I also had felt that some people didn’t choose to do business with me because of the labels that are assumed with a larger woman.

What does all this mean? Well, now I know what beliefs I need to work on, and will release any resistance that I might have. Knowing what’s behind the struggles, is huge in creating the needed change. I’ve been great with helping my clients with this process, and very grateful that I can apply all of my tools to better my own life. I hope you find some value in my thought process. What might be holding you back from being your best self?