Anger is… really just fear, pain, hurt, or frustration all dressed up in a Power Suit. ©Betsy Rosam

So many times we hear that anger is harmful to us, and it does create stress in our lives, but only if we don’t check in on it. You see, anger does have a purpose in our lives. It’s a sort of compass that tells us something’s not right. Anger worn over a long period of time is what really hurts us. Anger has the illusion of power, until we lose our temper, then we are actually shown as being weak. If we really look into our anger it’s usually a cover up for another feeling, because we fall into the trap of thinking that anger sure feels better and more powerful than fear, hurt or pain. And frustration is also known as a weak helpless, powerless feeling. In order to release the anger, we do need to identify what it really is about. I know people that wear their anger like a badge of courage, a wall to keep others out. When we do this, we are not being our authentic selves, we were meant to be happy, gracious, healthy people. If you fall into this trap, find yourself even the slightest iritable at most everything, look into what’s really going on. Take this time for yourself, you deserve it.