Change your thoughts, and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale

Many of us are familiar with the Universal Law of Attraction. It says that we attract what we think about and that our feelings about our thoughts create the energy that draws everything to us. Many of us have worked on changing our thoughts, but we keep attracting the things in our lives that we don’t want; relationships, jobs, finances, and situations. This Universal Law of Attraction, works much like the Universal Law of Gravity, it works all the time! Not just when we feel up to it. So anytime we hold a thought, a fear, or a worry, we are actually attracting more of those into our lives. So, how do we change this realistically thinking?  It all starts with our subconscios thoughts, those thoughts of “good enough” that were programmed into our subconscious part of the brain in our early formative years. We could have had wonderful loving kind parents and still have some feelings that were negative, due to a neighborhood bully or a critical teacher. But then some of us had parents that really didn’t know how to parent and instilled some limiting beliefs that were harmful to us without knowing it. I am writing this, so as not to place blame, but to have us look inside at what’s really stopping up, what’s keeping us from being the person we know we can be with the successes we know we are worthy of. Our subconscious is in charge 95% of the time, through habits. Our conscious beliefs are what we think we believe to be true, but they only operate 5% of the time. So here’s how it goes, we think we love ourselves unconditionally, we are acting upon this conscious belief, and yet we meet people that don’t like us, or treat us badly. This is our subconscious getting into alignment with “I’m not good enough”. You see whatever our sbuconscious mind believes is true, it sets out to keep that truth going, it finds those things like self sabbotage, unhealthy foods, horrible bosses and jobs, etc. We have an RAS, Reticular Activating System in our brain, it’s sole purpose is that of a “locator” or “finder”. It finds or locates what we are thinking about, and since our subconscious thoughts are in control 95% of the time, guess what? Yep, this is why we are where we are, this is why we don’t keep our promises to ourselves. It really isn’t our fault, we are only doing what we know to do. However, there really is a way to change those limiting subconscious beliefs, those ones that don’t work to our benefit, the “not good enoughs”. This is the work I do, and have done not only with my clients, but have utilized successfully these Energy Psychology tools with my own limiting beliefs. I can tell you, that because of this work I’ve done, my world has changed ~ all for the best!