“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” annonymous

When I live as though everything is a miracle, I am appreciative and grateful. That positive energy is like a shield against negative thoughts, which leads to feelings I don’t like.

Have you ever noticed a person that seems to always have the worse situations occurring to them, like all the time? It’s not just a cycle, but over and over again they seem to attract it, and you find they talk about their problems repeatedly? And then there are people that appear to have the midus touch, everything they do turns to gold. I’m thinking those are the people that think everything’s a miracle, and rejoice in life, all of it.

For a long time I had a positive attitude and seemed to look for the good in everything, I was even accused of being “Pollyanna”, and told to stop playing the “glad game”. I gave in and started to focus on my problems, not looking for solutions, nor the sliver linings. Guess what? I got more problems, bigger problems! Some of them looked as if they came right out of a soap opera! I looked at it all in disbelief, wondering if this is what I really wanted in my life.

My shift came from watching the movie “The Secret”, and I knew there was more to this “Law of Attraction” than just wanting things. I did a lot of studying and found that this Law of Attraction was at work all the time, just like the Law of Gravity. I didn’t have to do anything! I attracted what I was, and how I felt!

So my real challenge was to change my thoughts, I was on my way! I started using affirmations to change my thoughts, and they worked for awhile. But then I realized that I needed to believe the affirmations, and that my feelings about my situations were so more important in this process. I had no idea that my subconscious mind was in charge of my daily habits.

Once I learned how to change my subconscious limiting beliefs, I made real permanent changes in me that were in alignment with everything I wanted in my life! I have attracted a wonderful loving relationship, loving accepting friends, and a welcoming home that just happened to be one that I had picked out 4 years before buying it. These are only a few of the miracles that have shown up in my life. Today I know that everything is Holy, everything is a miracle, and I treat it as such. Blessings sweet ones!