Are you ready to make permanent changes, kick old habits, be less stressed, and be successful? What’s keeping you from prosperity and abundance in your life?  This FREE REPORT Reveals:  7 Things That Might Be Holding You Back. As a Bonus, I am also sharing with you 2 videos that you can muscle test your belief, and a simple way to tap away the belief.

What tools do I have in my Emotional Toolbox that can help you make real permanent helpful changes in your life!?

My training as a Mental Health Counselor gives me knowledge, skills, and a Master of Science Degree in that field. I am aware of mental illness, and yet don’t believe that everyone that needs emotional help should be diagnosed as mentally ill. But with my training, I am also confident that if I am working with a client and some issues arise that I believe are more in line with mental illness, I will refer them to a therapist for additional help. Not all coaches or practitioners have the training to determine these needs, as I do.

I have over 20 years experience with codependency and assisting others with their codependent issues. I am experienced as a parent, also as a teacher of 20 years, and understand the challenges of working with children, but also the solutions.

My trainings in Energy Psychology gives me skills and certifications in Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Basic and Advanced Psych-K© Training. My Ministerial License qualifies me to be a Spirtual Counselor, infusing spirituality into the counseling process.

My Degree in Vocational Home Economics from Florida State University gave me an education in the following areas: Child Development, Time Management, Home Management, Family Relationships, Communication Skills, Money Management(in the home), Nutrition, Food Science, Cooking, Kitchen Safety and Sanitation, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Sewing, and Textiles. With all of this knowledge and these skills I believe that I am the total package, when it comes to assisting you in most areas that you might need.

Isn’t about time that you took control of your life?

A friend of mine once told me “that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end you get, the quicker it goes”.  I remember when she shared that with me as I was on the edge of making big changes in my life and uncertainty took over.

I realized that I wanted to be happier, I wanted to enjoy my life, and all of my relationships. I had to take a leap of faith, and the first leap I made was to get help in the form of Meridian Tapping(EFT). It shifted so many things for me, I gained confidence, real solid solutions started to show up for me, and I started making some real changes in me, the inside of me.

I learned that my subconscious was in control 95% of the time and it was programmed before I was 7 years old. Some of those old beliefs were self sabatoging and created real problems for me. Using these energy tools, I was able to get rid of those old limiting beliefs and program in new healthy ones.

Don’t you want to release the feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or upset? Wouldn’t you like to have the tools to deal with feelings of worry, anxiety, stress?  Isn’t it about time that you changed those limiting beliefs of not being good enough, smart enough, or of deserving of love and happiness?  It time to be successful in your relationships, career, health, and happiness. Are you ready to make permanent life altering changes? What’s keeping you from your success?

Total Life Solutions, LLC offers just what it says – solutions for your life.  Rev. Betsy Rosam the perfect consultant to assist you in your TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION!

Betsy is also available for public speaking, classes, and private sessions.

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