How to Reduce & Release Holiday Stress

How to Reduce & Release Holiday Stress

Creating Happiness and Joy in This Holiday Season

Do you get frazzled just thinking about the Holidays? December is almost here already. Do you find that time slips away and your Holiday to-do list gets longer as nothing gets done? Do you find yourself wishing it was January and that these holidays don’t exist? This will be different than last year, we can get together, especially since things have loosened up with the Pandemic, and we still need to be cautious and not fearful so that we can enjoy our holidays and the days leading up to them.

In this interactive Masterclass, you will discover ways to reduce the stress and relax into the holidays that are quickly approaching. We will be using several energy healing tools, having some really deep discussions about what causes stress and overwhelm during these times. You will learn some simple tips on how to chase away those holiday pressures, worries, and concerns.  

This Masterclass is recorded, I will be sending the recording out afterward. Join me for an informational, and fun time, as we share how to release the holiday blues and create wonderful holiday memories.

Join us November 30th, 12:00 noon, ET

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