It’s Time To Shift

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     This may sound different and unusual to shift from thinking with our heads(brains) and feeling with our hearts; to thinking with our hearts and feeling with our heads (brains). And yet it’s a shift that is desperately needed. Here’s why. Feelings are NOT facts! They are based on a perspective and if we can think about the perspective we are feeling from, we can determine what’s really going on and how to change our feelings. I’m not saying to dismiss our feelings, but to get a real grasp on what they are trying to tell us, so that we can process them and move on. Every emotion carries an energetic vibration and we attract from the same vibration. Here’s an example: anger has a vibrational frequency of 150 and grief is 75; Joy is 540. Wouldn’t you rather vibrate at a higher level, attracting more things that make you joyful? Thinking through our feelings is vital in shifting them. I’ve heard the statement FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, and many times I question if any fear I might have is real, or based on a memory, or information that isn’t necessarily true, or even a story I might have made up for whatever reason. 

Now shifting our thoughts to our heart, that’s a no brainer (pun intended). If we can go to our heart space and connect with our Spirit, and solve problems from a place of love, I would imagine that those solutions would be in the best interest of everyone. When we solve our problems, thinking through them with love, we can’t help but create a win-win world. That’s my mission… 


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