I have to remember this when I feel in what I call a “funk”, that this place I’m in is exactly where I choose to be at this moment. Now, I don’t want to be hard on myself, because that’s never been helpful either, but I do want to look at why I’ve chosen to be in this particular “funk” at this moment in time. Several things come to my mind. First, I might be thinking about the past, which usually means I am wishing I had done something or many things differently, and had different outcomes. My intelligence knows that it’s impossible to change the past, and yet, I visit this place, which might very well have led me into this “funk” at this time. Another reason I am here in this miserable place, where I am procrastinating, blaming, shaming, and feeling like crap in general, is because I might be looking to the future with fear, and when I do that, I am hopeless. WOW! I am in charge! My thinking is creating this funk, and all of the blaming, shaming, and stuckness is leading me to the outcomes, or lack of outcomes in my life. With this I am knowing that being right here, right now, is powerful. Because right here and right now, there is no blame, shame, procrastination, stuck. Right here and right now, all is good. In fact, better than good. If I stay right here, and right now, not one minute before or after, I am creating this wonderful tapestry in my life. And if my right here, right now, has challenges in it, I slip into finding grattitude in it, it’s all good. For me, I am the “silver lining queen”, and make the most of every situation, and guess what? My life is exactly what I make of it, all the time – Pretty darn great!