What’s Your Mess in Your Message? I awoke with some thoughts I needed not only to write down, but also share. You see, I’ve gone through many traumas in my life, more than most, and I don’t share this for sympathy, as I’ve also managed to work through them all and live very happily. In fact, most people have no idea of the extent of what I’ve experienced. Some day I will write a book, but it’s overwhelming and it needs to include not only the grief, but also the triumph over each situation. For quite awhile, I’ve been struggling with my message, how do I express what I do in my business. I’ve heard very loudly make your “mess” your “message”, and quite honestly I’d ask myself, “which one”, as there have been so many. Then tonight, or rather this morning, early morning it came to me “all of them”, you have experienced these things so that you can help others. This all made so much sense to me, it gave purpose to all of those events. Statistics tell us that many of us have experienced abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or sexual. This is trauma that I have experienced, and have worked through using some magnificent tools. I am able to speak about these situations without feeling the emotional pain that they used to carry with them, and because of this I am able to use what happened to me to help others through their pain. Everything we experience and what we thought about them gets set in our subconscious, some of those thoughts are beneficial to us, others, those resulting from trauma are often not beneficial. They keep us stuck. They create dis-ease. Our subconscious thoughts control our lives through habit 95% of the time. If we have limiting core beliefs, like “I am unworthy” or “I am unlovable”, they control our outcomes. Everything we do is congruent and in alignment to those beliefs, as they are our truths. “I am a trauma expert and emotional regenerator. I take women from self sabotage to success helping them release the emotional triggers and limiting beliefs that have kept them stranded on an island of unhappiness. Let me be the one to guide you to your paradise.”