“Thriving in a Post-pandemic World,

uncovering and healing traumas from the past 2 years.”

This one-hour masterclass will cover many effects of the traumas from the pandemic, how they’ve shown up in our lives, and how we can heal from them.


In the past 2 years, we’ve been through one of the most challenging of times with this pandemic. We were forced to isolate and there were many losses. People lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost relationships. There were many changes as well, how we schooled our children, how we shopped, how we worked, how we churched, and how all of our relationships changed. All done with an element of fear of “what’s next. ” That fear of “what’s next” is still lingering as we have opened up and moved forward with our lives.


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Monday, Sept. 26, Noon ET Zoom


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