Your G-I-F-T Webinar

Imagine living a life with no regrets? What would that feel like, what would that look like?
Wouldn’t you like to know how you could be fully present with everyone you connect with.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to be present in our relationships by “Being” instead of “Doing”.

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15 Minute Mini Session

These 15 minute mini sessions will consist of  a reading from my Radiant Essence
Cards with PYSCH-K© balances congruent with the reading. This process is a true “mind set change”, it is a neuropsychological way to change any limiting beliefs you may have, all on the subconscious level.

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                                          Private Sessions with Betsy Rosam, M.S.

Rev. Betsy Rosam,You will get individual attention and direction in how to utilize the variety of tools she has to offer. Betsy has been helping and supporting others for over 23 years.  You will experience definite permanent change in your life, in an easy simple manner.

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 “What’s Holding You Back? Release It, Let Go! 

                              Reprogramming the Inner Child, Renewing Our Lives”

“Reprogramming the

In this on-line workshop, we will be using Meridian Tapping, as we travel through time, exploring those Developmental Stages and the tasks associated with learning in regards to emotional and social development during your early years. Changing the limiting beliefs that your Inner Child chose to hang onto, into more productive, creative beliefs that bring you to a more successful happy meaningful life. Meridian Tapping is a type of energy psychology that you “tap” on meridian/ accupuncture points, shifting energy and creating emotional relief. We will be using several different types of Energy Psychology tools to change those habits that keep you from being your best. This workshop empowers you for future self care in any situations that arise. Are you ready to install your “Easy Button” in your life?

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PersonalizedEmotional ResetPersonalized Emotional Reset

By Rev. Betsy Rosam, M.S.

Betsy will personally assess your needs through a conversation, spend time in research determining what specifically is beneficial to you, and personally record your unique Emotional Reset and download it as an MP3. Betsy has been known to have wonderful meditations, her clients have said that her meditations are soothing, and relaxing and that her voice is calming. 

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 “OMG! I Did It Again!  Online webinar/workshop ClassOMGad

Do you wonder why affirmations aren’t working, or why you seem stuck and are struggling with making positive changes in your life? I have the secret to “the secret”. I teach you the tools to help change the “limiting subconscious beliefs” that were programmed into our subconscious minds in the first 7 years of our lives.

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Bookcover“A 30-Day Journey to Family Peace & Harmony, 
Parenting Affirmations & Actions”

(Book)  by Betsy Rosam, M.S.


This insightful book takes you on a 30-day journey of positive affirmations for parents. It includes a commentary on each affirmation, as well as suggested actions to take to improve parenting skills.

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CD-front-AD copy“A Family Peace & Harmony Affirmations”

(CD — Compact Disk)  by Betsy Rosam, M.S.

This Meditative CD contains directions for Meridian Tapping and Parent Affirmations. These affirmations focus on improving family relationships and parenting. Use this CD for Meditation as well as for EFT Tapping to assist in making positive family changes.



Mind Your Business on PinterestHow to Mind Your Business on Pinterest

Have you wondered what all the hooplah is about Pinterest? Have you found that your Facebook Marketing isn’t working the way it used to? Do you have a Pinterest account, but not sure what to do with it? Betsy, being a retired teacher, discovered the benefits of Pinterest for Business. Many of her friends wanted to know more, so she created this beginners workshop for those that want to get started using Pinterest. If you want to know about the latest social media marketing tool, sign up today. This workshop is a self paced video class inclusive of a workbook.

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