Betsy saved my life. For real. In 2019 my 4 legged soul mate was horribly killed before my eyes, and I lost all hope. The pain was so deep I thought I’d have a heart attack. I may have or worse…It was Betsy who with her skill in Theta Healing© was able to completely remove the trauma… less than 5 minutes was all it took, and over the phone and it’s been 3 years and it’s never come back! I was shocked at how peaceful, simple, profound, and real this healing was. I am forever grateful. I recently got another session from Betsy to support me in cementing new beliefs. I’m again happy to report that a short 5 min session worked like magic! Betsy is loving, gentle, kind compassionate, and KNOWS her stuff when it comes to helping you immediately heal and shift to where you want to be.





I have been very good friends with Betsy Rosam for more than a decade. I am a Mental Health Therapist and she’s been telling me I should study up on EFT and PSYCH-K©. She has told me many times of the success she’s had with her clients using both techniques in her counseling practice. I kept yessing her every time we spoke about them.

But I found myself in depression and deeply troubled by some things I had learned about my ex-husband. His actions had affected me in an intensely negative manner. I was having difficulty dealing with my emotions and self-esteem. I had begun seeing my therapist and doing everything I could to eliminate these feelings. Betsy asked me if I was willing to do a session with her using EFT and PSYCH-K©. I was ready and willing to try anything, so we arranged a Skype Session.

When she first began the session I thought this was a bunch of hooey! However, to my amazement, the thoughts we worked on which significantly dealt with my feelings around my ex-husband subsided and have not returned. I was able to get myself back to living without all of the negative thinking, anger, and lack of self-esteem. I am very grateful for Betsy knowing the right time to approach me and what she has done for me. I have decided to learn and use these techniques in conjunction with my therapeutic procedures.

Thanx Bets, I love you!

Michael Sue Jenefsky, M.S.




There’s something about Betsy! I’ve had the privilege to work with Betsy a few times. We started out doing balancing with PSYCH-K©, which is so interesting. During one of my sessions, I realized that I had some post-trauma from about 10 years ago. While I broke down, Betsy was so gentle and patient and loving. She allowed me to have my moment and didn’t rush me as others might do. I was amazed by how much we cleared and how good I felt afterward. I’ve worked with many energy workers. Betsy has a very humble presence but don’t that fool you – she is a very powerful source of healing energy. Even in her meditation groups. For me, Betsy is the Besty. –


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I have been dabbling in EFT for many years and have trained with the best. But after just 40 minutes with Betsy, things I have held on to for so long released and shifted. In fact, days later, surprisingly something came up that I had no idea I was carrying I was holding on to an anger, that I didn’t know was there.

When the trauma happened, I thought I handled it with grace and maturity, but meanwhile, it had been festering internally without my knowledge. Seems we unconsciously suppress things on a cellular level and aren’t even aware of them. Thanks, Betsy, for your compassion and honesty. No pussyfooting around with her! She gets to the core, FAST!

Dotty Williams Scalco, B. Msc.




I connected with Betsy intuitively. She spoke at an event and everything she said resonated with me, so I gave her permission to help me, gave myself permission to change, and promised myself to listen to Betsy and do what she told me to do. Some of our work gave me immediate relief, but a lot of it didn’t show up. It has now been 3 weeks since our last session and I realize that numerous things have changed in my business, all to the positives. What a surprise to me! I realize that all of our belief and balance work has resulted in my manifesting business. I have manifested an associate, someone, I needed though I didn’t know it. And I will be mentoring him as well which is empowering me. Betsy is gentle throughout and the results show up that way! Nothing earth-shattering, just easy, relaxed change that shows up from within.

xoxoxo Tracy Sherman