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My Interview on Mirror Of Magnificence    –    April 2015




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WOW Wednesday Guest Speaker, January 2018


When we live totally present in our all of our relationships we live life with no regrets. Join us on this morning WOW Wednesday call as Betsy Rosam, shares how to be present in our relationships by “being” instead of “doing”, which includes common communication mistakes. She discusses the importance of knowing what our subconscious beliefs are and how they affect all of our relationships, as well as how to release them quickly and easily.



Women’s Prosperity Network

WOW Wednesday Guest Speaker, April 2015

Changing Our Minds, Subconsciously Speaking

This week we feature, Rev. Betsy Rosam who recognizes that our success in business is related to our personal success.  She understands that many times we put off personal development and yet, when our thinking or feelings aren’t congruent with our purpose and what we are doing in business, we end up self-sabotaging our business success. Betsy has a tool box full of useful skills that she uses to help you change any limiting beliefs that may have been programmed into your subconscious along the way of your life’s journey.  This week she will delve into “Changing Our Minds, Subconsciously Speaking” by exploring (a) Our Thoughts Create Everything (b) Conscious vs. Subconscious Beliefs and (c) The Power of Our Words.


Certified Speaker Betsy Rosam’s One Sheet is available here. 

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